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Bible Studies

Each week, Tuesday - Friday we have 4 different small groups in 4 different areas for a more in depth study of the Bible

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Children's Ministry

Each week we hold 4 different Sunday school classes for children of all ages Preschool - High school.


Annually we have a Vacation Bible School during the summer months.


Go to events to find more about the dates and how you can help!

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Youth Ministry

Monthly a Youth group is held for high schoolers to dive into the Bible and learn more about Jesus in an important stage of life; and also to gain a deeper connect with the Lord Jesus.


Women's Ministry

Monthly prayer meetings are with to pray for another in times of hardship as well as when life is prosperous. Join to gain unbreakable bonds one another and learn about Jesus too!


Men's Ministry

Monthly meetings are held to pray with one another and gain a better understanding of Jesus; coupled along with plenty of fun activities as well.

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